Honestly, don't scrunch your face and eyes when you get your nosed pierced. Tensing your body will just emphasize the pain. Just stay still. Close your eyes. Take deep and slow breathes and most importantly, THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE! For piercings, I usually sing a rap (in my head), ask myself a math question which is difficult or try and start making plans about my next meal. As long as you relax, it will all be over in a heartbeat. x

Awwww the lady who does my blood tests usually asks me a hard maths question to calm me down! (They’re always too hard hahah)

I cried a little getting my nose pierced, not actual I'm-in-pain crying, just my eyes watering so bad :p the pain was nothing, even with me abusing it by constantly changing the bar before it was healed.

Hahaha I’ll keep in mind not to do that!

Do whatever makes you happy :)

Best advice ever :)


I am the sea and nobody owns me.

Pippi Longstocking (1997)

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