:) your gut is always right, you don’t need me to tell you. Believe in yourself xx


Don’t be so ridiculous and pitiful. I am not spoilt, nor do I live a luxurious life. I support myself.
I choose to spend my money on nourishing food rather than expensive clothes or shoes / I believe my health comes first.

Funnily enough some of the poorest(!!) countries in the world survive off a vegan intake - as beans, lentils, rice, peanuts, pasta, potato are some of the cheapest food items in the world.

Don’t you dare use me as an excuse to justify your choice not to go vegan.

Yeah, sure - buy that burger. In 10 years time after you’ve eaten a burger everyday for lunch you’re going to pay some hefty medical bills because you’re going to be unwell. Lets see if it’s “cheaper” to buy a burger then.

Veganism, in the long run saves you money on doctors visits, medical bills, medications, hospital visits, expensive treatments and supplements.

You can choose to be ignorant, but don’t you dare talk to me in this way.

Oh reading in the sunshine I have missed you! Welcome back :)

Peppermint tea is beautiful as is chamomile tea! I also like a drop of peppermint essential oil in hot water to help with all the above! Alternatively I also drink YourTea and it’s great for bloating and digestion xx

You are never in the wrong for speaking your truth. The reason he got angry is a reflection of himself (he probably knows you’re right) and has nothing to do with you. Be with someone whom you can trust and respects you xx